How To Select A Suitable Kitchen Knife

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How To Select A Suitable Kitchen Knife

When it comes to kitchen knives, you should be familiar with them. There are various kitchen knives for cooking at home. The kitchen knife is used to cut vegetables or meat, as the name implies.

All kitchens must be equipped with knives. Whether a cook can cook depends on whether he can use a knife. In fact, the same is true when you cook at home. If you can use a knife well and smoothly, you can cook better. There are many kinds of knives in our company LumosArte, and have you found the material of kitchen knives on the market now?

There are many kinds of quality, so how to choose a suitable kitchen knife. Then, let’s introduce it to you.

Key points of choosing kitchen knife

1. Look at the material: from the material, the kitchen knife is divided into iron knife, stainless steel knife, iron clip steel knife, and pure steel knife. Their respective characteristics are that pure steel knives are easy to crack

The blade and iron knife are easy to roll, and the stainless steel knife is not easy to grind, while the iron clip steel knife has the best quality. The so-called iron clip steel knife means that the middle layer of the knife is made of steel

The surface is a thin iron layer.

2. Look at the edge: the cutting method of the kitchen knife is divided into machine cutting and manual cutting, so in terms of sharpness, the steel hardness is higher, and the edge degree

The kitchen knife with a smaller number, a softer radian at the edge and a non-linear straight drop will be faster and more useful. The blade of a good kitchen knife must be straight and flat


3. Look at the handle: in terms of the handle, the main materials are wood, engineering plastic, steel handle, etc., each has its advantages. Generally, the handle of the pressed kitchen knife

Better use and refinement: a good kitchen knife handle must have good impact strength and surface hardness, good size and stability

Second, it also needs to have certain chemical resistance and good electrical insulation. In addition, it has a good grip, smooth and bright without hurting hands, and has anti-skid devices.

We have introduced several common kitchen knives here. I believe you will know what material to choose after reading them

Well, if you want to cook happily in the kitchen, you must use a good kitchen knife. In fact, no matter which kitchen knife you choose, you should also consider the practicality of the kitchen knife first. A good kitchen knife is easy to use. The kitchen knife you usually use is not easy to use despite its smooth appearance. If you need to buy a kitchen knife at home, you can compare the kitchen knives of different materials and choose the appropriate kitchen knife. And here we welcome you to visit our company COMEE Kitchen Knife Industry! I believe you can find what you will really want. And here is the link: Do not forget to put in an order if you are interested and we will ship as quickly as we can.



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