Stamped Knife HB10 Black Blade Kitchen Knife Roset Wood Handle

Stamped Knife HB10 Black Blade Kitchen Knife Roset Wood Handle

Detailed Description Material
12” bread knife
9” bread knife
6” cleaver knife
12” chef knife
10” chef knife
8” chef knife
8” bread knife
8” carving knife
8” santoku knife
7” nakiri knife
7” santoku knife
6” santoku knife
6” nakiri knife
5” santoku knife
4.5” nakiri knife
5” serrated utility knife
5” utility knife
3.5” santoku knife
3.5” paring knife
3” peeling knife
5” cheese knife
4” cheese knife
4” cheese knife
3.25” butter knife
3” cheese knife
2.5” chesse knife

Stamped Knife HB10

Handle: Rose Wood Handle


The grain of each wooden handle depends on the different parts of material and has its own characteristics. The handle is smooth and comfortable to touch. Our Titanium coating knives can pass FDA. LFGB, test ,so you can feel free to touch your food. Titanium & no-stick paint,increase knife surface adhesion and also upgrade the products. Prevent the invasion of corrosive substances in order to enhance corrosion resistance.
Through professional sharpening craft, knives feature a 11-13° cutting edge on each side. This new angle and more tapered cutting edge reduces the drag when slicing through food ,allowing for seamless effortless cutting . For Germany 1.4116, our sharpening test can reach ICP>110mm TCC >550mm performance.

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