Japanese kitchen knife Steel

8 Inch German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife With Pakka Wood Handle Chef Knife

Japanese kitchen knives use steel from two companies, Takefu Special Steel and Hitachi Steel. The most famous of Wusheng Special Steel is VG10, as well as powder steel such as SG2. Hitachi Steel mainly produces YSS series cutting tool steel, white paper (white three, white two, white one), blue paper (green two, blue one, super green), silver paper (silver three, silver five), ZDP189 powder steel, products The brochure says that it is a material similar to jade steel produced by modern technology. (I think it’s just nonsense. Yugang has a lot of impurities, and modern steelmaking is so technologically backward, so everyone can think that this is a cultural behavior. Yugang is made by low-temperature reduction, with many impurities and unevenness) . In fact, the biggest feature of YSS steel is its high purity, and the control of S, P, and N elements is not higher than 0.005. Better than both T10a and 1095.

Take Hitachi Steel’s YSS as an example, the content of white three carbons is the lowest, and the toughness is the best. Increasing the carbon to get white two and white one, the hardness increases, and the toughness decreases. On the basis of Bai 2 and Bai 1, Cr and W are added to obtain Qing 2 and Qing 1. Why are Cr and W added to the white paper? In addition to carbon, W will form tungsten carbide in steel, and tungsten carbide is hard particles, which can increase wear resistance. Cr can also form hard particles with carbon. However, due to the law of phase transformation, these hard carbide particles of W and Cr are easy to precipitate on the grain boundary, causing grain boundary brittleness. If the quenching is not uniform, intergranular fracture will easily occur. Therefore, it is often necessary to homogenize the steel before forging, and to require sufficient and uniform deformation during forging. In addition, Cr element can improve the hardenability of steel and refine austenite grains. This is very important for kitchen knives of any material.

COMEE Houseware Industry has 14 years expereince to produce high quality kitchen knives, there are 20,000M2 production space, we use 3Cr13, 5Cr15MOV, German1.4116, Damascus high quality Steel to produce kitchen knives.



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