Common Steel Types

1. Tool SteelsHard steels are preferred in cutting tools. Popular steels in this group mainly include the D2, O1 and CPM series, plus more advanced supercut steels like M4.


2. Carbon steel—Generally speaking, it is rough, and it is used where toughness and durability are particularly required. Commonly used in survival knives and machetes. It has sharp edges and is relatively easy to sharpen. The trade-off is that it is low in chromium and prone to corrosion. The most popular carbon steel is 1095


3. Stainless steel—Basic carbon steel is added with chromium to make it corrosion resistant, and other elements are added to improve its performance, but at the cost of reducing toughness. Today’s most popular types include 400, 154CN, AUS, VG, MoV, Sandvik and Crucible SxxV series. Note that the chromium content in real stainless steel is at least 13%.


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