The Structure Of The Kitchen Knife

1. Handle: refers to the part of the knife used to hold it, usually made of various plastic, wood or stainless steel materials. A good handle will give the user a better and more comfortable grip.

2. Rivet: It mainly plays the role of fixing the keel and the knife handle. Rivets should fit tightly into the handle without leaving gaps where bacteria can grow.

3. Tang: It is the part of the knife body extending into the handle. Usually this part is hidden inside the handle, also called the handle core.

4. Beam area (Bolster): Between the knife body and the handle is the beam area of the kitchen knife. This part can increase safety and comfort. On large chef’s knives, the beam area plays a role in protecting the hand.

5. Rear area: The heaviest part of a large chef’s knife, which is closest to the hand when in use, bears the greatest force. It is usually used to chop hard food, such as the joints of chicken leg bones.

6. Edge: The middle part of the whole knife, between the head and the back area, is the part with the greatest working strength when cutting.

7. Beam: The upper part of the knife body. In the process of using the knife, fingers are often used to clamp the knife beam to ensure the stability of the knife body.

8. Cutter head: The first third of the blade is called the cutter head, which can be used to cut tender vegetables, small-shaped ingredients, cut ligaments of meat ingredients, and cut thin slices.

9. Knife tip: This part is used for incision and piercing of food, and can also be used to separate items such as thin paper or film.

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