White Steel And Bleu Steel

White paper steel Shirogami (White steel) and blue paper steel Aogami (Bleu steel), even if you are a kitchen knife lover who has just entered the pit, you must have heard of it. Their playability and functionality have always been popular among kitchen knives. “favor. The two steels are both developed and produced by Hitachi Metals HITACHI, whose name comes from the white paper and blue paper used to package the blade after forging.

Both white paper steel and green paper steel are obtained from SK carbon tool steel through a series of purification processes. Specific metal elements are added or subtracted during the process to optimize the specific properties of the steel, such as hardness, wear resistance, toughness, etc. SK carbon tool steel is initially processed and purified to obtain yellow paper steel, and its hardness is usually around 58HRC.

 The impurities in the yellow paper No. 2 steel are removed, and the white paper steel is obtained. The carbon content is from low to high, and it is divided into white 3 steel, white 2 steel and white 1 steel. The higher the carbon content, the harder the material and the less tough it is.

On the basis of white 2 steel, two elements of chromium and tungsten are added to obtain blue paper steel, with carbon content ranging from low to high, divided into blue 2 steel, blue 1 steel and super green paper steel. Kitchen knives are a game of balance between hardness and toughness. The harder the better, the better. When you choose, you should judge based on your actual use and needs.

COMEE Houseware Industry has 14 years expereince to produce high quality kitchen knives, there are 20,000M2 production space, we use 3Cr13, 5Cr15MOV, German1.4116, Damascus high quality Steel to produce kitchen knives.



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