I happened to see a Chinese advertisement saying that Opinel is “the eleventh finger of the French”. As a loyal fan who has used almost all series of Opinel knives, I didn’t know it had this title. So I, being ignorant and ignorant, searched in both French and English, but couldn’t find any relevant description, only saw this sentence appearing in Chinese media. And how can Opinel be associated with fingers? Is it because of its LOGO, a combination of a crown and a hand? This Logo is called “La Main Couronnée”, which can be translated as “Crowned Hand”. Obviously, the logo consists of two parts: the crown and the hands. The origin of the “crown” part is that in 1565, King Charles IX of France ordered that all knife makers must print the royal logo on their knives to ensure their qualified quality and origin from France. This decree became the tradition of later knife makers. The origin of the “hand” part is the blessed hand “La Main Bénissante” in religion. In 1909, Joseph Opinel, the third generation of the Opinel family, combined the two to form the logo that is still in use today, the crowned hand.

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