What Are The Beautiful Patterns On The Knife Body?

In order to make kitchen knives sharper and more durable, each knife-making craftsman will choose 2 or more types of steel. Damacus kitchen knives are usually made, and high carbon steel (High Carbon Steel) and nickel steel (Nickel Steel) are widely used.

When making knives with Japanese traditional Damascus patterns, two or more types of anti-rust high carbon steel (Stainless High Carbon Steel), such as 1050 and 1095, are usually used. The final pattern on the knife body will be more subtle, looming, Seems like nothing.

Western knife craftsmen prefer to use high carbon steel such as 1050 and add nickel steel (Nickel Steel), such as 15N20. Using both high carbon steel and nickel steel, two steels with very different properties, will end up giving the Damacus kitchen knife a more pronounced, more traditional pattern.

COMEE Houseware Industry has 14 years expereince to produce high quality kitchen knives, there are 20,000M2 production space, we use 3Cr13, 5Cr15MOV, German1.4116, Damascus high quality Steel to produce kitchen knives.



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