Secondary Knife

Blade length: between 10-18cm. Main function: The situation of the auxiliary knife is actually very embarrassing. It is smaller than the main knife, so it is not enough when dealing with some relatively large ingredients, and it is larger than the paring knife, so it is too clumsy when doing some delicate work , but it is more suitable for some female chefs with smaller hands to operate as a chef’s knife. Including the small blade, suitable for peeling, slicing and shredding of various vegetables and fruits, light weight, narrow and thin blade, pure steel, sharp blade, flexible and convenient to use. The main purpose is to process slices, strips, silk and other raw material shapes such as slice knives. 

COMEE Houseware Industry has 14 years expereince to produce high quality kitchen knives, there are 20,000M2 production space, we use 3Cr13, 5Cr15MOV, German1.4116, Damascus high quality Steel to produce kitchen knives.






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