Knives Play An Important Role In Japanese Cooking

One distinguishing feature of Japanese kitchen knives is that they all harken back to the “katana” used by the samurai. Western kitchen knives are double-edged, with both sides of the knife being sharpened, while Japanese kitchen knives are single-edged, with one edge being sharpened, like a samurai sword. Double-edged knives apply force evenly to your food, making it easier to cut through food, while single-edged knives are good for nice cross-cuts. This is because the angle of the blade makes it extremely sharp and cuts through food cleanly.


    Japanese kitchen knives are usually made of steel and are crafted using centuries-old Japanese knife-making techniques. There are more than 20 different types of Japanese kitchen knives, each suitable for different ingredients and cooking methods. For example, Japanese cuisine uses seafood extensively, so there are specialized knives for different types of fish and different ways of eating them.

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