Knife Shape And Blade Shape

From the perspective of material mechanics, I think it can be divided into two categories, thick blade and sliced blade (the blade is relatively thin). Thick blades are mainly used for sharpening, and can be used for rough work, such as cutting bones. Slice blades are mainly knives for slicing such as willow blades, thin […]

Japanese kitchen knife Steel

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Japanese kitchen knives use steel from two companies, Takefu Special Steel and Hitachi Steel. The most famous of Wusheng Special Steel is VG10, as well as powder steel such as SG2. Hitachi Steel mainly produces YSS series cutting tool steel, white paper (white three, white two, white one), blue paper (green two, blue one, super […]

Common Steel Types

1. Tool Steels—Hard steels are preferred in cutting tools. Popular steels in this group mainly include the D2, O1 and CPM series, plus more advanced supercut steels like M4.   2. Carbon steel—Generally speaking, it is rough, and it is used where toughness and durability are particularly required. Commonly used in survival knives and machetes. […]

Various Steel Grades Used In Knife Making

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1. Hardness Hardness refers to the resistance to deformation when subjected to external compressive forces. The hardness of the tool usually refers to the strength, which is generally evaluated by HRC (Rockwell Hardness). 2. Toughness Toughness refers to the ability to resist fracture and fracture when used in heavy-duty applications. It can also be said […]

What Are The Common Materials Of Kitchen Knives

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1. carbon steel material kitchen knife. Most kitchen knives are kitchen knives made of carbon steel materials. The carbon steel material is relatively hard, and the ordinary carbon steel plate is also easy to produce a blade with high hardness, which has good retention, and due to the different microstructure, the carbon steel blade is easier […]

The Structure Of The Kitchen Knife

1. Handle: refers to the part of the knife used to hold it, usually made of various plastic, wood or stainless steel materials. A good handle will give the user a better and more comfortable grip. 2. Rivet: It mainly plays the role of fixing the keel and the knife handle. Rivets should fit tightly […]

White Steel And Bleu Steel

White paper steel Shirogami (White steel) and blue paper steel Aogami (Bleu steel), even if you are a kitchen knife lover who has just entered the pit, you must have heard of it. Their playability and functionality have always been popular among kitchen knives. “favor. The two steels are both developed and produced by Hitachi […]


I happened to see a Chinese advertisement saying that Opinel is “the eleventh finger of the French”. As a loyal fan who has used almost all series of Opinel knives, I didn’t know it had this title. So I, being ignorant and ignorant, searched in both French and English, but couldn’t find any relevant description, […]

What Are The Beautiful Patterns On The Knife Body?

In order to make kitchen knives sharper and more durable, each knife-making craftsman will choose 2 or more types of steel. Damacus kitchen knives are usually made, and high carbon steel (High Carbon Steel) and nickel steel (Nickel Steel) are widely used. When making knives with Japanese traditional Damascus patterns, two or more types of […]

Santoku Sword

The Santoku sword is a product of the buffalo knife adapting to the changes of the times. The Japanese began to accept the Western-style buffalo knife under the influence of Western culture. Different ingredients and different dishes require different knives – obviously, except for professional chefs, other users find it too cumbersome. For more exciting […]