Basic Properties Of Kitchen Knife Steel

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Basic Properties of Kitchen Knife Steel

The choice of tool material has a great influence on tool life, processing efficiency, processing quality and processing cost. When the tool is cutting, it must bear the effects of high pressure, high temperature, friction, shock and vibration. Therefore, the tool material should have the following basic properties:

(1) Hardness and wear resistance. The hardness of the tool material must be higher than that of the workpiece material, generally above 60 HRC. The harder the tool material, the better the wear resistance.

(2) Strength and toughness. Tool materials should have high strength and toughness to withstand cutting forces, shocks and vibrations, and prevent brittle fracture and chipping of tools.

(3) Heat resistance. The heat resistance of the tool material is better, it can withstand high cutting temperature, and it has good oxidation resistance.

(4) Process performance and economy. Tool materials should have good forging performance, heat treatment performance, welding performance, grinding performance, etc., and should pursue high performance-price ratio.

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